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Architectural & Engineering Services - Methodology

The methodology and technology of our delivery of services have been continuously evolving over the last 25 years. However the commitment to delivery of quality service remains the same.

We will use any tool that facilitates better communications of our designs and creations to our clients and the contractor.Brent Parker and Thomas Walter were amongst the first architects in the country to employ computer aided design (CAD) for architectural purposes. Individually they took different roads to get there, but ultimately ended up on similar paths.

Mr. Parker's interest in computers began in 1975. By 1976 he had built his first computer, just to see how they worked. By 1980 he was using these "hobby" machines in the office automating the then mundane tasks of text editing lengthy specifications. In 1984 the first of the commercially useful PC's arrived, and with it the first primitive and slow CAD programs. Moore's law, (co-founder of Intel, stating that processor speed will double every 18 months) has been a tremendous benefit to the technology in the design industry.

Mr. Walter purchased a "main-frame" (really a mini - PDP-11 vax) in 1985, which was one of the first in Florida. This Intergraph machine was state of the art for it's time, and revolutionized the design process. Eventually the PC's became more powerful, and passed it by, but this system set the standard for almost six years (and in the computer industry, that's an eternity.)

Cutting Edge of Ever Changing Technology

Parker & Walter, have continued over the years to refine CAD applications in their firms, resulting in better, more cost efficient construction. PWG remains in the forefront of modern, high-tech architectural design, keeping on the cutting edge of the ever changing technology. Today, the transition is being made to virtually construct the designs, prior to the actual construction. This is similar technology used to now create aircraft and ships. We will use any tool that facilitated better communications of our designs and creations to our clients and the contractor.

Currently we are transitioning away from graphical drafting, that attempts to represent design (Autocad). We are now using Revit, which is a three dimensional data base of the structure, complete with walls, roofs, and all mechanical and electrical systems. This database can be viewed from any perspective to evaluate the various systems and their integration.

PWG also utilizes 3DMax, and Premier to create animated graphics of proposed buildings, in real settings. For a demo of one such project go to New Media. Recent VPN technology allows the firm to access the firms database and drawings from anywhere with a broadband connection. This technology allows PWG to bring the virtual office to the clients locations.

PWG is also at the forefront of utilizing renewable resources. PWG is a member of US Green Building Council (, and is Leed certified. We believe that solar energy, particularly in Florida will soon become prevalent, and we embrace that technology.